I’ve noticed a lot of the time our default mind shifts towards the negative. I’ve discussed this with my friends and we both say that when we’re alone we just get these thoughts about how we’re not good enough and no one likes us and on and on. So one day I decided while I was in an healthy  state of mind to write three lists. And when I was in an unhealthy state I’d visit the lists and study them until I believed them once again.

The first list is a gratitude list. Sometimes it’s hard to be grateful when life gets you down. But even the small things can help you feel better. Write how you found the best scented candle. Or how you’re glad the store had you’re favorite tea. You motivated yourself to go to the gym. You got rid of you’re fake friend. You found this pen that writes amazing. You’re grateful for the color of your kitchen  walls. Whatever it is no matter how small write it down.

The next list is of people who care about you and/or support you. A teacher, a coach, your mother. Whom ever you can think of write their name down. There are people in this world that care about you and when you’re feeling dreadful and in the deep darkness of your mind that’s the time you need to know the most.

The last list is a things you can do. Skills that you have. Cooking, cleaning, making friends, or meeting  new people. Or maybe it’s reading, writing, learning, or analyzing. Everyone is good at something and sometimes we forget that we have talents and can make contributions that are important in our vulnerable moments.

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