Power to choose

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I was talking to a friend today and they said something about having a bad influence. I told them you’re only influenced if you want to be. I’ll admit that wasn’t very tactful so maybe I can better explain what I meant here.

We all have things we believe in. We also all have things we want to stop doing or we want to do more often. When we fall short of our goals it’s easier to place all the blame on circumstances and other people. But doing that forces you to lose your power.

Everyone has control of their actions for the most part. You decide if you write 500 words today, you decide if you put the dishes away, if you go to the gym, or if you pick up a cigarette. These are all decisions you can make. But if you blame someone for your actions you lose your ability to choose next time. It starts to become well if they ask, or if they give me time. And slowly it stops being your decision and starts being theirs.

So I meant to say that to be influenced is your choice. To give away your choices is also your choice. But at the end of the day if you want to do something you’re the one that’s going to make it happen. So take responsibility of your actions that way when you succeed you can feel proud. And if you don’t you have power to say I’ll get it tomorrow.

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