How journaling can help

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One of my favorite topics is journaling. It’s my go to fix for most of my problems. So, naturally, it’s my number one response to others when they ask what they should do. And everyone’s always so sceptical. “How writing going to help me?” “It’s not going to change anything.”

Actually writing down your feelings does make a difference. And revisiting positive feeling or rereading positive occurrences that are easily forgotten can actually greatly improve your mood.

But I’m not here just to talk about feelings. You can put a lot in a journal. From goal planning, to cuts you want to make in finances, to your favorite quotes. Even topics that you want to talk about with someone but you don’t know how to start. It’s amazing what writing can do when you have a subject you don’t feel comfortable talking about out loud yet. Start in your journal.

I use my journal to problem solve. I always have a hard time making big decisions. I would be caught between what I wanted to do, what I thought was right/have the best out come, and what others thought I should do. So I would right down all my options and then all the possible outcomes, including consequences. Then I could make my final decision, although I’d usually end up just going with my gut anyway. But for me it helps to go through the logic so I don’t feel like I’m blindly following my instincts.

So journalism can help you make decisions, or feel more prepared to talk about difficult topics. It can also motivate you and inspire you. And one of my favorite things is you can choose to go back and look at how far you came or you can choose to fold up those pages and never return. It might just amaze you how calming writing can be.

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