Perks of working with toddlers 2

Just a fun list of pros and cons mixed together. Because everyone that has or worked with kids knows they’re a blessing but sometimes can be a hand full.

  1. They’re usually just starting to talk. It’s fun to see them learn new words and even try to teach their friends.
  2. They know the word “no”. They are not afraid to use it and you better believe it’s their favorite.
  3. They start telling you what they want. Which is a good thing because otherwise you’re left guessing and sometimes that just doesn’t work.
  4. They like to explore. Sometimes they want to look out the window. Sometimes they want to read books. Sometimes they want to stand on their chairs. Or look in the trash can.
  5. They like to learn. Just not necessarily in the way we want them to. They have their own ways of figuring the world out, and sometimes we don’t even realize what they’re picking up.
  6. They’re listening. Especially when you don’t think they are. Being mindful of what you say is an understatement.
  7. They repeat some things. Which is nice when you want them to learn what a dog is. Not so nice if you jokingly tell someone to go away then the child repeats it forever. (Btw that happened to my friend not at my daycare.)
  8. Most love bubbles. It’s one of my favorite activities to do with my class because they will stand under waves of bubbles longer than most activities. And they get super excited when I turn the bubble machine on, they start dancing and stuff.
  9. They get bored easy. Most toddlers want to explore so they won’t stay still at one center for too long.
  10. Most toddlers like music. Or at least all the classes I’ve had. If I’d sing for them or turned on a CD they’d dance along. Practice the hand motions. And some would even try to sing.

Toddlers are my favorite group to work with. Hopefully this list gave you a little insight about this age group and what it’s like to work with then. Done days bring challenges but most days it’s worth it.

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