What to pray when you dont know where to start.

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Prayer is important. And most poeple know that. But what do you do when you don’t know where to start in prayer? Sometimes we dont really know what we want to say. Here are some ways to begin in prayer.

  1. Praise and worship. Begin with a song that you feel a connection with God in. And/or praise about how great and holy he is.
  2. Giving thanks. God has done alot in our lives and sometimes we forget to thank him for his blessing, so that we haven’t even seen yet.
  3. Apologize. Jesus is a forgiving God but we have to admit we’re wrong sonetimes.
  4. Pray for others. Do you know anyone with a need? Or anyone you dont get along with? Pray for them.
  5. Personal needs. Healing or finances and even realationships. He knows what you need but he still wants to hear it from you.
  6. Betterment. Sometimes it can be difficult to ask God to change us. We might not always want to change. But our end goal is to be more like Jesus and less like us.

I hope this post was helpful. If you have any qestions or would like more topics like this let me know in the comments.

Also stay tuned because I have two upcomming blog posts. One is about early childhood development. And the other is about praying when you’re not motivated.

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