Feeling Stuck? Ask yourself these questions.

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1. What would it look like if you were unstuck? Meaning what is it that you want? Is there a goal you can reach for? Even something you think may be small like getting your house in order, downsizing your closet, working out three times a week, or even cutting back your caffeine intake. Find an achievable goal.

2.What have you done already? How close or far away are you from your goal? Have you already started working towards your goal? Are there some things that you found work better for you or things that haven’t worked at all? Keep track of the things that work because those steps will help you get closer to your goal.

3. Are there skills you need to acquire? Is there research that needs to be done? Or experts you may need to consult? Friends that can hold you accountable? That is your next step. Gather those skills. Determine what skills you already have, what talents you can use. Add to those or enhance them. And find people that will support your efforts or even join your cause.

4.Is there a decision you’re avoiding? Maybe you know what you have to do. But you know its going to take hard work. Or maybe its letting go of a relationship, or making a major change. These decisions are hard, espesially if they involve other people or taking a risk. But if your serious about this goal maybe its time to face your fear.

5. What would be the smallest or easiest step? Start with those steps. If you start out with a full sprint your more likely to fall back into habit when the excitent and motivation fades. So start with the small stuff, they will stabilize you for future achievements.

6. Are there actions you can take right now? Is there something you can do today. Or even this week to get you closer to your goal. Even if its just writing down your plan and organizing your thoughts. You might not want to do everything on a whim.

7. What is your course of action? Now its time for the hard work. What have you done in the past that sabotaged your efforts? Avoid that. Write down your specific actions, times and dates. How likely are you to follow those actions? Why? Is there something your afraid of? Know yourself and make things easier on yourself. Avoid places that might hinder progress. Find people that are doing something similar to you, maybe the can give you tips on what works for them.

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